2013 BMW 328is Video at

A BMW with a V6? I think not. The 135is’ 320-horsepower V-6 provides impressive quickness while its sport suspension connects drivers to the terrain without bombarding them with it. should know better.

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2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe

A new BMW with a massive V8 feels like something I should care about, and something I should write about. But a four-door version of the M6? Isn’t that the M5? I’m not sure I understand the difference. I’m not sure anyone does.

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2013 BMW X3 Starts at $37,995

Now, that thirty eight grand will buy you a BMW X3, but it’ll be two cylinders less than you might expect. That’s right, the base 2013 X3 is rocking a 4 cylinder. Before you freak out – it’s a turbo four cylinder. As in, it makes the same horsepower as the outgoing base inline 6, […]

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2012 BMW ActiveHybrid 5

So the X6 Activehybrid was a complete failure. So what? You didn’t think BMW was just going to throw in the towel on this hybrid game, did you? Before I talk about their new entry, how about I talk about what went wrong with the X6 Activehybrid. For starters, it was an X6, which means […]

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BMW Four Cylinder Madness

BMW has four-cylinder engines coming to the Z4 and 5 series lines. These engines will be turbocharged, of course. This is BMW we’re talking about here, and power is not *optional*, but required. Anytime a manufacturer can increase fuel economy without sacrificing power, I’m certainly listening. By swapping a turbo 4 for the traditional inline […]

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2012 BMW M5

Thumbnail image for 2012 BMW M5

Want to see the upcoming 2012 BMW M5? Autoblog has the hookup. The V10 will be gone of course, replaced by the slightly less powerful twin-turbo 4.4 liter V8. Though this engine won’t exactly challenge the Prius for fuel-economy crown, it should manage a few more MPG’s than the outgoing V10. In the days of higher […]

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2012 BMW M5 Concept

Thumbnail image for 2012 BMW M5 Concept

Fans of the V10 powering the current BMW M5 will be disappointed. Everyone else will be busy drooling over the shiny new 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 under the hood of the 2012 M5. Power is estimated to be somewhere in the 550-580 HP range – this engine is no slouch in the power department. Technically […]

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2011 Mustang GT vs 2011 BMW M3

Say what now? That’s right, Motor Trend pitted a 2011 Mustang GT against a 2011 M3. Before seeing the video, and the numbers, you might think that’s absurd. Surely a lowly Mustang can’t even come close to the M3 in performance. You sir, would be dead wrong. Check out one of the key stat comparisons: […]

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