Canceling VW Phaeton was a mistake – VW CEO Says

vw-phaeton VW of America’s CEO, Stefan Jacoby, made an astounding statement just last week.  He said that canceling the VW Phaeton here in the US back in 2005 was a mistake.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Canceling the Phaeton was a mistake.  Not thinking of it, building it, or selling it.  But canceling.

For anyone who’s been around the car biz for awhile, you know that the Phaeton was one of the biggest flops in automotive history.  There have been rumors about it’s revival, but we all hoped that they were just that – rumors.  With this statement by Jacoby, a new Phaeton is all but guaranteed.  Reportedly it will be less than the $90 grand the original cost, and less than a comparable Audi.  The next generation A6 should provide the underpinnings of the next great VW failure next Phaeton.

Published on February 4, 2008 in Volkswagen

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