C7 Corvette with a mid-engine?

Every vehicle that ever wore the fabled Corvette badge has been a V8 powered, front engine, rear wheel drive car ( Save for the very first Corvette, powered by the Blue Flame Inline 6. ) That’s what a Corvette is, and Chevy would be foolish to stray from the path.  According to the AutoExtremist, there’s a lot of debate inside GM right now about the Corvette C7.  Seems some folks think it’s time for the Corvette to move the engine back a few feet, and go with a mid-engine design instead of the current front engine.  A mid-engine design would improve handling, for sure.   So what’s the problem?

Cost.  A mid-engine Corvette would cost significantly more than a front engine Vette.  Like lots more.  Maybe 6 figures.  No longer would the Vette be the best bang-for-the-buck sports car around.  Because of this, some GM execs are thinking about a limited production only mid-engine Vette.  Me?  Sure, go ahead and make a mid-engine GM car.  But don’t call it a Vette, cuz it’s not.

Published on January 27, 2007 in Chevrolet,Future Vehicles

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