Bugatti preparing next product design

Love it or hate it, the Bugatti Veyron caused a commotion and got a lot of people’s attention. Folks who had forgotton the Bugatti name were suddenly talking about Bugatti. A 1001 HP, quad turbo W16 motor will do that to people, you know.

Lots of people have though that Bugatti would call it quits after the Veyron is finished production – but that seems awfully stupid, doesn’t it? After all, Bugatti loses money on every single $1 million+ Veyron that it produces – there has to be a potential future here. Otherwise, they’re just throwing money out the window for no apparent reason.

The question is, what sort of future vehicle will wear the vaunted Bugatti name? If Porsche has her way, it will be one-of-a-kind custom built cars only. And I doubt that sister brand Bently would be too happy with a Continental GT competitor.

If I were in charge of Bugatti, I’d position the next vehicle slightly above the GT – perhaps in the 200-250k range. That way, it’s not quite a direct competitor to the Bentley, but also not priced out of the hands of most rich folks. Let’s face it, the market for $1 millon cars is pretty small, you know?


Published on December 3, 2006 in Future Vehicles

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