Brand new Shiny Red Super Stock Dodge

challenger-super-stock Yea, I know it’s not red.  And unless you know who the Beach Boys are, the title of this post is probably lost on you.  But for those who know about the Little old Lady from Pasadena, you’re busy nodding your heads and singing along.  Word on the street is that Dodge will be releasing a limited production Super Stock Challenger for the drag-strip crowd.  What can we expect from this car?  How about an 800 pound weight reduction?  That makes for an approximate weight of 3200 lbs – very nice for a 425 HP car.  Here’s a list of the expected changes:

  • Lightweight front fascia support system ( tube frame?  )
  • composite hood with big, bad-ass scoop ( and yes, it’s functional )
  • lightweight cooling module w/ electric fan
  • Drop-out front crossmember
  • Lightweight race-only front brakes
  • Six-point harness
  • Special Body-in-White modified for drag racing ( not sure what this mean? )

And if the picture is accurate, some big, fat tires on small wheels.  Also say goodbye to the air conditioning / heating system, power windows, windshield wipers, and sound deadening material.  The Super Stock Challenger will not be street legal, of course – this is a track-only machine.  A supremely bad-ass track-only machine.  One that should devour the quarter mile in the 11 second range.  Oh my.

Published on February 4, 2008 in Dodge

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