Bob Lutz explains why the GTO was a failure

In a video, Bob Lutz takes a few minutes to explain why the GTO was an utter and complete failure. In case you’re like me and don’t feel like watching the video, here’s a few snippets of what Lutz said

“It was arguably past its best-buy date in terms of styling. When we brought it in, that basic styling configuration in the market…for close to seven or eight years. If you bring in a car, it should be in the beginning of its design cycle.”
“We overpriced it.”

My thoughts? The GTO’ styling was never “cool”, so it’s hard to consider it to be past it’s best-buy date. It was designed exactly like a fat Cavalier. Yes, the Cavalier, the $9000 tin can on wheels that Chevy is infamous for. And as far as being overpriced? Duh. It’s hard to get $ 35,000 for a fat Cavalier, even if it does have a Vette engine under the hood.

Let’s hope Pontiac doesn’t screw up this royally with the new G8 that’s coming our way in the not-too-distant future.


Published on February 25, 2007 in Pontiac

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