BMW X6 Revealed

bmw-x6-frankfurt The X6 is finally out of the box, or out from under the camouflage, one should say.  As I said when looking at the last ( nearly uncovered ) spy shots, this is one of those times when I wish the cover-up was back.  What, exactly, *is* the BMW X6?  I personally have no idea.  Officially it seems to be touted as a CUV, which I guess it is, at least in the same sense that an Infiniti FX is a CUV.  It also has a coupe roofline, but four doors.  So I guess that makes it a 4 door coupe too.  And it’s got a little station wagon look going on too.  So ultimately I think the BMW X6 is a Four Door Coupe Crossover Wagon Utility Vehicle.  I’m going to coin that phrase, and the accompanying acronym – FDCCWUV.  The X6 is the first FDCCWUV that I know of, and may it be the last.

Published on September 11, 2007 in BMW

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