BMW X1 Concept – in Paris

bmw-x1 Well, here it is.  What’s "it" you ask?  The BMW X1 concept.  It’s a smaller CUV than the X3.  Already, there isn’t a tremendous difference in size / functionality between the 3-series wagon and the X3.  Now we’re tossing an X1 into the mix, and I just don’t know why.  Someone needs to tell the higher-ups at BMW that they don’t need to fill *every single* market niche.  In this case, I think they’ve gone a step further, and competently invented a niche that doesn’t exist.  There simply isn’t room for a vehicle between the 3-series wagon and the X3.  The X1 serves no purpose, and doesn’t belong in the BMW lineup.  Maybe we can scrap this one before it fails on the showroom floor, eh?

bmw-x1-2 From the side, I can’t help but see Nissan Rogue screaming at me.  Anyone else?


Published on October 6, 2008 in BMW

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