BMW PAS Spy Shots

2009-bmw-pas The BMW PAS, pictured here, is a mystery to me.  PAS stands for Progressive Activity Sedan, whatever that means.  I have absolutely no idea.  The PAS is supposed to slot between the 5 series sedan, and the new X6 FDCCWUV.  The trouble is, the X6 is already slotted between the 5 series sedan and X5 SUV, “creating” a segment of arguable value.  Trying to slot a vehicle between the 5 series and X6 is even more sketchy.  Add that to the fact that the PAS and X6 look nearly identical to me, and I’m really lost.

2009-bmw-pas-2-drawingThe PAS is supposed to have a bit more headroom than the X6, for what that’s worth.  In my eyes, it’s not worth much.  I don’t think “a bit more headroom” is a valid reason to create an entirely new vehicle.  It’s a reason for a vehicle update, sure.  But not an entirely new vehicle.  BMW seems to be trying to create niches as of late, and I think that’s a terrible decision.  They are great at building cars, and they should keep it simple.   My advice?  Axe the PAS now, and stop wasting $$ on it.  There is no market for this vehicle.

For comparison, here’s a shot of the BMW X6:bmw-x6-frankfurt

See more pics of the PAS at Car and Driver.

Published on February 4, 2008 in BMW

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