Autotropolis is a one-stop-shop for your automotive needs – the site has 2 blogs, a forum, a Dealership Locator, and a Vehicle Selector Aid. Let’s take a look at the sections individually.

Autotropolis Blogs

The RockSolid Car Price Blog has some good info, but the updates are sparse. For a blog to really be successful, there needs to be a consistent update plan – whether it’s 2 posts a day or 4 posts a week. Readers crave consistency, and a schedule helps keep things in line. The New Car Sneak Peak blog seems to be following a better pattern – the writing is also high quality, but the posts are consistent. More content would help, but they’ve got the right idea with this blog.

Autotropolis Forums

The forums are interesting – in particular, the Ask a Salesman forum. Here, you get to ask an ex-car salesman any question under the sun. There are also forums on each individual model, some of which have activity, and some which don’t. The sheer volume of the forums can be intimidating, and I’d suggest consolidating them, and cutting out the inactive ones.

Vehicle Selector Aid

Wow. This is one of those tools that is really stunning, and impressed the heck out of me. On the first screen, you select your lifestyle – the choices range from Family Vehicle to Performance Driver to Off-Road, and everything in between. Make your choice, and you’re sent to the next screen and presented with several vehicle options. You can get a quote right then and there, or you can rule out some body styles, such as SUV or Minivan. You can also change the price range to be higher or lower, depending on your budget.

Dealership Locator

Need help finding a local dealer? No problem, Autotropolis has the answer. Simply select your desired make, enter your zip code, and you’re presented with a list of local dealers, shown on a Google map so you can see how far away they are. Click on the dealer, and you’ll go to a dealer-specific page with some information, as well as reader reviews.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to see at Autotropolis, and I really only touched on the basics today. I am well and truly impressed with the completeness of the site. There is a ton of great information, comparisons, blogs, forums, and vehicle selectors by lifestyle. I’m not often blow away by car sites, but I am stunned this time around. The team at Autotropolis has done an impressive job, and I commend them.

Published on May 29, 2007 in Reviews

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