Automotive Acronyms Entry 3 – DOHC

DOHC – Dual overhead Cam: Two camshafts per bank of cylinders, located on the cylinder head. Example: A DOHC I4 would have 2 cams, while a DOHC V8 would have 4 cams. Again, just like the SOHC design, it’s important to remember that with a DOHC setup, there are two cams per bank of cylinders. Most DOHC engine designs are setup with 4 or even 5 valves per cylinder. DOHC engines tend to make more power higher in the RPM range than do OHV designs. In addition, DOHC engines allow for variable valve timing technology, which can improve fuel economy as well as power output.

Published on February 3, 2007 in Glossary

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