Automotive Acronyms Entry 11 – V8

V8 – An engine with 8 cylinders, arranged in 2 banks of 4, forming a V shape.

V8’s are famed for the prodigious power output, and delicious exhaust note.  ( Ok, ok, I’m a V8 junkie, no question about it. ) V8’s are most often found in trucks and muscle / sports cars.  V8’s are not at all known for their fuel economy, except for the fact that they enjoy fuel, and lots of it.  Note:  Chevrolet has performed some sort of black magic or Voodoo on the V8 powered Corvette, to allow it to get absurd gas mileage ( EPA ratings of 26+ on the highway ).  The Corvette is the exception, not the rule.

Published on February 11, 2007 in Glossary

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