Audi S4 Spy Shots

Audi makes some pretty amazing vehicles. The A4 line is very popular here, but it doesn’t blow me away. It’s big brothers, the S4 and RS4, on the other hand, are quite fascinating. Since us Yanks (we Yanks?) won’t be getting the RS4, we’ll have to make do with the S4. Autoblog managed to get a few pictures of the upcoming S4 Avant. (Avant is German/Audi for wagon.)

Check ’em out when you have a chance – this is the very definition of a sleeper. The current S4 packs a supercharged TFSI V6 good for 333 horsepower and 325 lb/ft of torque. It’s quiet, extremely refined, and powerful. Audi’s excellent Quattro AWD system is present of course, which means the S4 handles like a dream. Audi, thanks for giving us the S4. But maybe you could rethink that RS4?

Published on April 13, 2011 in Audi

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