Audi RS6 Sedan Spy Shots

audi-rs6-sedan Over here in the US we may be canceling plans for high powered cars, but European automakers are doing no such thing.  Proof: The Audi RS6 Sedan you see here.  This car was caught doing some extreme weather testing in Scandinavia, and is sporting some awesome lights on the roof.  While they may not make it to production, they really give the car a striking presence.

Kidding aside, the RS6 is no joke.  Under the hood is the same V10 that powers the RS6 Avant ( wagon ), good for 580 HP.  RS6 badging will be present inside and out to make sure the world knows what lies under the hood.  A revised front fascia and flared fenders round out the big upgrades outside. 

Five hundred and eighty horsepower.  I’ll take mine in black, please.


Published on February 13, 2008 in Audi,Spy Shots

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