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Audi R8Jalopnik reviews the Audi R8 and has this to say – ‘I made it to the freeway onramp and figured, hey, let’s see what this thing can do! The R8 can run high 12s in the quarter-mile, so I figured I was in for some serious violence when I stomped the gas pedal; I’ve driven a few 12-second Detroit cars, so I was prepared for some enter-the-freeway-sideways drama. No drama- the R8 just went very, very quickly, with the Quattro system and all those smart traction-control computers keeping the nose pointed in the right direction, and a highly pleasing V8 note coming from behind me. Now I would like to state for the record my primary impression of the Audi R8: It is all about the engine.’

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Published on December 4, 2007 in Car Reviews

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