Aptera 2e to debut in 2010

Aptera has generated a good bit of hype in the green car community, with their upcoming car, dubbed the Aptera 2e. Yesterday, however, they announced a delay in production, and we won’t be seeing a 2e on the roads until 2010. That won’t come as good news to the 4,000 people who have already placed deposits for the futuristicly shaped car. The deposits are fully refundable, however – though I doubt many will ask for a refund. After all, what other obscenely efficient, boldly styled vehicle would they buy instead?

On a more disturbing note, both of Aptera’s co-founders will be stepping aside. Chris Anthony will be focusing on his two other companies, while Steve Fambro is reportedly just taking a leave of absence for a few months. Losing, even temporarily, the two minds behind the Aptera 2e concept, is not something to ignore for Aptera fans.

Published on November 19, 2009 in Misc

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