April Automotive Sales Highlights

The sales numbers for April 2010 are out, and they’re pretty positive across the board. Hell, even Chrysler managed a sales increase. Yes, you read that correctly. No, I didn’t mean Toyota. I meant Chrysler. You know, those cats that make the Sebring. They had a sales increase. Really.

April’s top dogs:

  • Chrysler: Up 61%
  • Dodge: Up 61%
  • Subaru: Up 48%
  • Infiniti: Up 46%
  • Volkswagen: Up 42%

April’s Biggest Losers:

  • Smart: Down 49%
  • Jaguar: Down 30%
  • Suzuki: Down 23%
  • Ram: Down 22%

Did I mention that both the Chrysler and Dodge brands posted a huge sales increase? Granted, April 09 was horrific, and April 2010 was a very good month all the way around, but still. These brands haven’t posted increases in…. well… a really long time. I can’t exactly tell you why the month turned out so well for them, but it did.

On the losers side, I didn’t include GM’s brands that are being phased out – they’re all in the 90-99% down range, but didn’t seem relevent. Smart is a failed brand by any measure. It’s only a matter of time before Mercedes stops selling the brand here. There simply isn’t any real benefit in buying a Smart car, beyond being able to park anywhere. They’re too expensive, drive poorly, and don’t even get that great of gas mileage.

Published on May 3, 2010 in Auto Industry News

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