600 HP Club

2008 Dodge Viper 13. 2008 Dodge Viper – 600 HP 8.4 liter V10. After starting off in the 400 HP club, and then spending years in the 500 HP club, the Viper finally makes it to the big-time – 600 horsepower. There aren’t a lot of V10’s on the road, and there are even fewer that make six hundred horsepower – the Viper is the proud owner of one.

12. 1968 Plymouth Barracuda ( Superstock ‘Cuda ) – 426 cubic inches Hemi – The official numbers on the Superstock ‘Cuda were just 425 HP, but that was just low-tech insurance fraud. Real world numbers put the ultimate muscle car at 600 HP, perhaps a tad more. Six hundred horses combined with the stripped-down ‘Cuda made for a sub-11 second quarter mile. Insane then, insane now. This car was, and is, one of the fastest cars in the world.

11. 2007 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG – 604 HP 6.0 Bi-turbo V12. Mercedes-Benz doesn’t make twin-turbo engines, they make bi-turbo engines. No, there’s not a bit of difference, but it sure does sound cooler. Mercedes in-house tuner AMG does amazing things to engines that were already pretty dang nice to begin with. The S65 AMG sports the same engine as the vastly more expensive Maybach S line – for a fraction of the cost.

10. 2007 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG – 604 HP Bi-Turbo V12. You can have your 600 horsepower and a ragtop too – the SL65 AMG does the trick, using the same excellent engine that powers the S65 and Maybach S models.

Whether or not you particularly want a six hundred horsepower ragtop is an entirely different story. Me? I’ll stick with a hardtop, please.

9. 2007 Maybach 57 S, 62 S – 604 HP 6.0 Bi-turbo V12. Just a bigger version of the S65 – with tons of extra electronic wizardry, and of course a super-size price tag. Unfortunately the Maybach’s don’t come with a chauffeur – you’ll have to find your own. If you like the Maybach S, you might want to snag one soon, since they may not be around much longer.

8. 2004-06 Porsche Carrera GT – 605 HP 5.7 V10. Porsche’s entire lineup is full of crazy fast cars – but the Carrera GT is King Porsche. It’s Porsche’s first no-holds-barred supercar, and it sports a 605 HP V10 mounted behind the driver.

Some love the look and some hate it, but everyone can respect the awesome performance.
7. 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano – 612 HP 6.0 V12. The 599 GTB replaced the 575M Maranello, but it did so with the legendary Enzo engine, tuned for 612 magnificent horsepower. Talk about Grand Touring indeed. This is one of the most gorgeous cars on the road, and one of the most powerful ever built. Not a bad combo.

6. 1994 McLaren F1 – 620 HP 6.1 V12. The McLaren F1 is the most famous supercar ever, and for good reason. It put out an amazing 620 HP from it’s huge V12, and remains one of the fastest cars in the world – 13 years after it’s release. If that ain’t impressive, then I don’t know anything at all about cars.

Out of all the amazing cars on this list, this may be the most impressive.
5. 2007 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren – 641 HP 5.4 S/C V8. What do you get when you combine supercar maker McLaren with luxury marque Mercedes Benz? This ( arguably cool or weird looking ) superbly fast car. 641 HP guarantees it a spot on this prestigious list. The extra, exra long nose – we, at least, could do without it. Then again, I’d drive this puppy in a heartbeat, huge schnoz or not.

4. Ferrari Enzo – 651 HP 6.0 v12. The Enzo follows in the footsteps of the F50, which follows the F40, in Ferrari’s lineup of ultimate supercars. There’s no disappointment here, with the Enzo managing to produce 651 HP without the aid of forced induction. F1 technology ( obvious in the design of the Enzo ) helped make this possible. The achievement of well over 100 HP per liter is almost unheard of in an engine of this size.

3. Saleen S7 Twin Turbo – 750 HP Twin-Turbo 7.0 V8. The vanilla S7 was fast – no one in their right mind doubted that fact. But add 2 turbos to an extremely lightweight car powered by a 7.0 liter V8? That’s just crazy talk. But Saleen did it, and the results place this car in very elite company indeed. Good old fashioned American Muscle ( with the help of some forced induction ) is hard to beat – and only two cars have managed to do so.

2. Koenigsegg CCX 806 HP Twin S/C V8. Twin superchargers? Yep that’s something you don’t see very often. But Koenigsegg hooked them up to a V8 and managed to create one of the most powerful factory cars ever – over 800 HP.

1. 2006 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 – 1001 HP 8.0 Quad Turbo W16. No discussion of fast automobiles is complete without mention of the Veyron. The only car to come from the factory with horsepower in the 4 digit range. Four turbos. Eight liters. . Sixteen cylinders. One Thousand and one horsepower. $1.4 million dollars, and worth every penny.

That’s it – just 13 cars ever produced have achieved the magical 600 HP mark.  So, what’s missing? The Shelby Super Snake, Corvette ZR-1, Audi RS6 all come to mind. All three of these vehicles will reportedly have at least 600 HP when they’re released. Of course, they’re not yet available, so they don’t count. Also missing is anything from exotic automaker Lamborghini. That’s right, 13 cars over 600 HP and not one bull.I try to keep all my info up to date and complete. However, I’m not perfect, and I do make mistakes! If there’s a car that should be in this elite club and isn’t, then I want to know about it. Leave me a comment so that I can make amends, and get it added to the list during the next update.