2015 Honda Fit Hybrid

2009-honda-fitThough Honda has a great, and supposedly highly adaptable,  hybrid system, they haven’t done much in that area.  To date on the Civic Hybrid and now defunct Accord Hybrid have made it to market.  Well, it looks like Honda is tired of Toyota having all the spotlight.  Reportedly a Fit Hybrid is finally  in the works, and due out in 2015.  I think that’s about 6 years too long to wait, when you get right down to it.  Since the IMA system is supposed to easily adapt to different vehicles, I can’t see how it should take more than a year to stuff it into the Fit.  Regardless of what I think though, Honda is looking at a 7 year timeframe.  That should put it well into the next generation Fit.

Price target is less than a $2,000 premium over the regular Fit – which puts it inline with other hybrids currently on the market, if not a bit under.  With gas prices at record highs and nowhere to go but up, that premium should be easy to make up in no time at all by 2015.

This Fit Hybrid is in addition to the global small hybrid and CR-Z hybrid, as well as the next generation Civic Hybrid due in a few years.  That’s 4 new ( 3 all-new ) hybrids for Honda, which is a very, very good thing.  If only they can speed along production to get some of these vehicles to market sooner.

Published on May 21, 2008 in Honda

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