Overall the new Corolla looks slightly longer than the current car. Notable styling cues include a more steeply sloping hood and a shorter decklid.

The Corolla seems positively ancient. It needs a major update to remain relevant. Secretaries and librarians will always need cars of course, so the Corolla will always have buyers. But if Toyota wants to keep selling a ton, they’ll need to up their game.

For starters, Toyota’s engineers need to find about 5 or 6 more MPG’s. 39 and 40 MPG compacts are popping up everywhere, and the Corolla isn’t even in the same league at 34. Plus, the Corolla could stand to sound and feel less like an overgrown tin can.

Follow the link for spy photos of the 2014 Corolla.

Published on August 24, 2012 in Linked List


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