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Jalopnik reviews the 2013 Pathfinder and writes:

The Pathfinder is a genuinely good, practical, economical car — making it a great buy if you’re in the market for a medium sized SUV. It’s perfectly capable of conquering a bit of wet tarmac and, of course, it’ll even handle some snow, too. So stop pretending you need a car to drive across the Himalayas. There aren’t many hills in Kansas, after all.

TTAC reviews the 2013 Pathfinder and writes:

While the Pathfinder may have shed much of its heritage in its fourth generation, so has everyone else. Unfortunately, this also means a select few shoppers (like yours truly) that need to tow 6,500lbs regularly with an AWD mid-size SUV are left with the Dodge Durango as your only new car choice in this segment (until Chrysler kills it in 2015). Instead Nissan has delivered exactly what 95% of SUV/CUV shopper want: 20% better fuel economy, some rugged good looks and the ability to handle Tahoe when the ski-bug bites. While I will mourn the loss of the Pathfinder along with a certain segment of rock-crawlers in the square states, you should put the Pathfinder at the top of your shopping list.

Both of these sites seem to really get what Nissan is doing here. They’re offering exactly what customers have needed for years. Gone are the days when road warriors buy body-on-frame go-anywhere SUV’s. The fact is, almost no one1 takes a $40k SUV anywhere but to the office parking lot and back. $40k SUV’s just don’t see off-road conditions.

This concept isn’t novel by any means. Crossover / CUV type vehicles have become incredibly popular over the last decade. Nissan is just jumping on board a little late, is all. That said, the Pathfinder makes sense if this is your type of vehicle.

Lighter weight, smaller engine, and crossover road manners make this a better Pathfinder all around.

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Published on October 23, 2012 in Car Reviews

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