2013 Nissan Leaf gets a huge price drop

If you were one of those folks saying “Sure, the Leaf is interesting, but it’s just too expensive.” – your prayers have been answered. Nissan has announced pricing on the 2013 Leaf, and it’s a huge surprise. Instead of the normally several percent price increase, Nissan lopped off $3380 from the base SV model (Now $32670.) To make it even better, there’s an all-new “S” trim that comes in even less – the base price is a cool $29650.

The Leaf is officially sub-thirty thousand dollars before the federal tax credit. After? How about $22,150? That’s pretty fantastic when you consider that it’s a full-featured, reasonably sized, “regular” electric car. The only sacrifice you make, really, is the range, which is quite reasonable for most folks. Beyond that – it has plenty of space, more than enough power, and it’s quite comfortable to live with on a daily basis.

SV & SL models now come standard with the 6.6 kW charger, which means they charge twice as fast. Instead of 8 hours for an 80% charge, it takes only four. The fast charger is available on the base S model for an extra charge.

Published on January 14, 2013 in Electric Cars,Nissan

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