2013 Nissan Altima Hybrid

The 2013 Altima, as previously noted, the 2013 Altima will ditch the fantastic but poorly selling V6 engine. In its place will be a hybrid four cylinder powertrain. Oh, and it’s supercharged, of course. Well, yeah.

Nissan expects similar output to the V6 from this fancy new setup, with about 10% better fuel economy. Similar power with better fuel economy is always a noble goal, but I’m having trouble with this one. Adding a hybrid system (electric motor and a lithium ion battery) adds a lot of complexity to a car… but more importantly it adds a lot of cost. Superchargers are a great way to wring more power out of a small engine, but they decrease fuel efficiency and add, once again, cost.

I’m not seeing how this powertrain makes sense for Nissan from a cost standpoint. There’s no way around it – this is an expensive setup. Adding all that complexity and cost for a mere 10% bump in fuel economy doesn’t seem worth it to me.

Want to see some awesome pictures of this setup? Check them out at Autoblog.

Published on November 30, 2011 in Hybrids,Nissan

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