2013 BMW X3 Starts at $37,995

Now, that thirty eight grand will buy you a BMW X3, but it’ll be two cylinders less than you might expect. That’s right, the base 2013 X3 is rocking a 4 cylinder. Before you freak out – it’s a turbo four cylinder. As in, it makes the same horsepower as the outgoing base inline 6, and more torque. The new four banger is rated at 240 HP and 260 lb-ft, so it’s not exactly a slouch.

If you just have to have the silky smooth inline six, BMW still offers it on the X3. You will, however, have to pony up nearly an extra six grand. The base price for the X3 xDrive35i (BMW speak for turbocharged inline six) is $43,595.

The big plus for getting the base model, besides the obvious price difference, is fuel economy. BMW hasn’t announced numbers yet, but they expect the four banger to be much thriftier at the pump.

You should be able to buy the X3 of your dreams starting in May.

Published on February 16, 2012 in BMW

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