2013 Acura ZDX to be the last

The Acura ZDX is about to join the long list of vehicles that are no more. According to Jeff Conrad, vice president and general manager of the Acura Division:

People shopping for a luxury crossover vehicle will find the Acura ZDX an even more attractive product. Moving forward, we will continue to advance the Acura lineup with a focus on new core models, like the recently redesigned RDX and the upcoming all-new RLX flagship sedan, that provide the ideal balance of performance and fuel efficiency that is right for each product and a driving experience that is dynamic and emotional.

He’s referring to the futile updates that Acura made to the 2013 ZDX, but also taking great care to point out that future Acura buyers should look at the RDX and RLX.

Exactly zero customers will be upset about this news. The ZDX was poor as a concept, and worse as a production vehicle. It makes sense for exactly no one. Honda / Acura need to kill it quickly and move on, pretending it never happened.

Published on October 10, 2012 in Acura

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