2012 Toyota Prius C

Toyota is running the board in hybrid sales, and they have no intentions of letting up. The Prius C is proof of that. The Prius C is a compact hybrid that will be both cheaper and more fuel efficient than the regular Prius. According to Toyota, the Prius C will have “the highest city mpg of any non-plug-in vehicle,” which is a pretty bold statement. The “big” Prius is not exactly a slouch in the city fuel efficiency department.

Since it’s smaller, the Prius C will also cost less than the regular Prius. Toyota hasn’t announced a starting price quite yet, but it will likely be in the $20-21k range.

How big is it?
Well, at 157.3 inches, it’s 19 inches shorter than a Prius. It’s actually 4 inches shorter than a Honda Fit, to give you a better idea.

What’s under the hood?
The Hybrid Synergy Drive, of course. Specifically, a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder gas engine hooked up to a battery and electric motor. Specs on the electric half of the powertrain aren’t available yet. We’re not even sure if it will use lithium ion or nickel metal hydride, though I’d bet on the latter. Remember, this is a low cost hybrid. Lithium batteries are still pretty pricey.

2012 Prius C Photos

Published on November 25, 2011 in Hybrids,Toyota

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