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Autoblog put a shiny new 2012 Nissan Versa through the paces, and this is what they thought:

How does she run? Fine. And that’s not a tepid “fine,” either – that’s an all-in, right-down-the-middle, hardcore fine. The CVT doesn’t call attention to itself, nor does the engine unless you request every horse in the corral, in which case it groans like angry cattle. But you won’t need to do that often; even the vertiginous, slow-speed slopes of residential Seattle didn’t get the 1.6-liter out of shape. The suspension has been redesigned, but it’s still independent MacPherson struts up front and a torsion beam in back with stabilizers all ’round. It’s fine. Steering gets de rigueur electric assist. It’s fine. The NVH is fine. You could drive it all day and get out in good sorts. The whole thing is perfectly… fine.

When you’re talking about an economy subcompact… *fine* is exactly what people are looking for. No one expects the 2012 Versa to be fast, handle like it’s on rails, ride like a Lexus, or be as quiet as  Bentley. *Fine* is, in this case, pretty doggone good.

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Published on July 22, 2011 in Car Reviews

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