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Several auto websites were lucky enough to put a 2012 Boss 302 through the paces. Here are their thoughts:


At dinner later that evening, a fellow journalist whom I deeply respect expresses his complete lack of enthusiasm for the car. “It’s fast on the track, but it’s a 3600-pound Mustang that costs a lot of money.” I understand his concern. There’s nothing socially relevant about this car. There’s nothing particularly shocking about the idea of another fast ponycar. It doesn’t do anything for the economy, the industry, or the climate. That doesn’t mean I don’t want one, and if you have the chance to drive the Boss, you are likely to want one, too — even if your current car is an M3.


At the end of the day we had concluded one thing: The 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 is easily the coolest, most technologically advanced, highest performing Mustang ever produced by Ford. It’s more than a fitting tribute to the original Boss 302, and will easily become one of the most desirable Mustangs of all time.


Indeed, at a base of $41,000 for the Boss 302 and $47,000 for the Laguna Seca edition, these are not stripper Mustangs. But both Bosses reflect a capability bargain right out of the box, if you consider what it might cost to spec-up a Mustang GT for track days — and if all you want to do is show up your neighbor’s M3 at the local course. And you can’t get that engine unless you buy the whole car. Not yet, anyway.

The consensus? It’s the most awesome Mustang ever. I think that says it all.

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Published on February 24, 2011 in Car Reviews

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