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The Infiniti M35 is no joke – it’s a boldly designed, powerful, luxurious mid-size car. The only thing it had been missing, until now, was a fuel-efficient version. Consider that problem solved with the introduction of the 2012 Infiniti M35h Hybrid. With EPA estimates of 27 MPG city / 32 MPG highway / 29 MPG combined, this is a relatively thrifty luxury sedan.

While the 2012 M35h doesn’t get nearly as good fuel economy as the Lincoln MKZ hybrid, don’t forget that car uses a four-cylinder engine as the basis for it’s hybrid system. The M35h has a much more powerful 302 HP 3.5 liter V6. Combined with the 50 kW electric motor, total output is a stout 360 HP.

Compared to the conventially powered 2012 M37, the M35h is better both in the power and economy front. The M37 makes 30 less horsepower, and gets just 18 MPG city / 26 MPG highway. Adding power while drastically improving fuel economy is always nice.

The real question, as is usual with hybrids, is price. Make no mistake – the 2012 M35h will not be cheap. A plain-jane M37 starts at just over $47, and that’s before you tick any options boxes. What sort of price premium will Infiniti slap on the hybrid? For now, your guess is as good as mine.

Published on February 7, 2011 in Hybrids,Infiniti

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