2012 Honda Pilot

Honda has released some official images of the 2012 Pilot. You would be forgiven if you couldn’t tell the difference between the 2011 and 2012 Pilots. There’s a slightly revised front fascia across the board, and new wheels on the EX and higher models. There’s a little more going on inside, with a revised center console and instrument panel.

The only reason not to be bored to death is that Honda managed to squeeze a few more em-pee-gees out of the 2012 Pilot. Instead of the 17 mpg city / 23 mpg highway / 19 mpg combined from the 2011 model, the 2012 Pilot manages to get 18 mpg city / 25 mpg highway / 21 mpg combined. That won’t get anyone talking in today’s world, especially with the more efficient numbers found elsewhere.

So all in all… it’s a ho-hum update. Not terrible, but not terribly exciting either.

2012 Honda Pilot Gallery

Published on September 2, 2011 in Honda

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