2012 Honda Fit EV

Honda is a little late to the EV game, but they’re getting ready to jump in. Their first entry will be the 2012 Fit EV. Rather than build an EV from scratch like the Nissan Leaf, Honda is playing it a bit safer by modifying the already existing Fit. The Fit is small, lightweight, and in gas form quite fuel efficient… so this is probably as good a starting place as any.

Honda expects the Fit EV to get up to 100 miles per charge, which puts it on par with the Leaf. To get this range, Honda is using a lithium-ion battery – standard fare for today’s EV’s. Charging time will range from 6 hours with a specialized charger, to 12 hours on a standard 120V wall outlet. I’m thinking that many folks will be able to get away with just using the regular outlet, and skipping the expensive 240V charger altogether. Everyone will have different driving needs, of course.

2012 Honda Fit EV Gallery

Published on November 19, 2010 in Electric Cars,Honda

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