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2012 Honda Civic Coupe in Blue

Autoblog reviews the 2012 Honda Civic and has this to say:

If you’re wondering why we’ve left discussion of the Civic’s driving dynamics until the very end, it’s because it’s an unremarkable steer, veering more toward a ‘set it and forget it’ commuter mindset than something that’s likely to be of interest to auto aficionados (who would be better off pursuing the sporty Si model anyhow). It’s certainly a refined drive, but one would think that a shorter wheelbase and modestly lower weight (between 20 and 58 pounds lighter depending on model) would lead to a friskier-handling car – indeed, Honda claims it to be so – but we found this 2012 Civic to be a humdrum performer that neither encourages or rewards enthusiastic driving.

In a way this isn’t surprising – after all, the Civic is an economy car. It’s marketed toward people who want a (reasonably) cheap, small car that gets outstanding fuel economy. However, the Civic has long been one of the few semi-fun offerings in the segment. With the fun bits seemingly refined out… what will make someone spend the extra coin on a Civic instead of a Corolla or Focus?

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Published on July 13, 2011 in Car Reviews

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