2012 Honda Civic Mule Spy Shot

2012 Honda Civic

Honda has pushed back the release of the 2012 Civic from late this year until sometime next year.  While some analysts are panicking and calling this the sign of Honda’s impending decline, I’m not worried.  Honda knows the the new Civic has to be fantastic – all the major automakers are putting out better and better offerings in the compact class.  If the top dogs at Honda didn’t think the Civic was quite ready, then going back to the drawing board is the best possible thing they can do.

The cats over at Auto Evolution snagged a spy shot of the 2012 Honda Civic – well, at least a test mule for the 2012 Civic.  We don’t really know anything about hardware, but you can be sure the Civic will be more fuel efficient than the already excellent outgoing model.  With stricter EPA standards looming, there really isn’t a choice in the matter.


Published on May 26, 2010 in Honda,Spy Shots

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