2012 Honda Civic Concept

2012 Honda Civic Concept

Honda is showing off what it calls concepts of the 2012 Civic. Given that it’s early 2011, it’s likely that these are pretty close to what you’ll be able to buy later this year.

The Coupe

Is Honda bold enough to bring that sexy center exhaust to production? I doubt it. But doggone it looks good. Overall the design is clearly an evolution from the current design – there’s nothing revolutionary here, besides the aforementioned center exhaust. That, and the sexy black roof. A black roof on a brightly colored car just looks amazing.

The Sedan

Again, evolutionary. There’s nothing exceptional going on here. The black roof again looks amazing, and I hope it makes it to production. The sedan doesn’t get the center exhaust, though. Nothing surprising about that.

Overall, the concepts look good. My only concern is that they aren’t very different from the current Civic. This would be a bigger problem if the Civic wasn’t the best looking compact sedan on the market. It is, so Honda is starting off with a great look. I just don’t want to see the competition pass them up.

2012 Honda Civic Concept Gallery

Published on January 10, 2011 in Honda

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