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Autoblog took a 2012 Boss 302 around the block a few times, and took the time to try out the TracKey. Here are their thoughts:

Whether you select the regular Boss or plump for the Laguna Seca, the Blue Oval still has your on-track performance in mind. Ford’s optional TracKey is a novel way to set up your car for circuit use. Basically, it’s a red key that optimizes the drivetrain for racing (“TracMode”). Something like the secondary key on a Bugatti Veyron that liberates the supercar’s top speed mode (albeit without the seven-figure price tag), TracKey alters over 200 engine computer functions, including things like spark mapping, variable cam timing, engine braking and fuel delivery. The result? Improved low-end torque and a suitably lumpy idle. Ford has also thrown in a launch control system derived from the one on the Cobra Jet drag car, a nice addition.

The entire concept of the TracKey is a nice touch. They took an idea from a $1+ million dollar super car and brought it to a relatively affordable Mustang.

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Published on November 14, 2011 in Car Reviews

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