2012 Ford Focus – Global Platform

While the Focus has gotten better in recent years, American buyers have been missing out on the much better European Focus.  No one’s really sure why Ford didn’t bring over this vastly superior car years ago, other than surely it had something to do with cost.

Ford has changed strategies, and will be moving the Focus to a global platform in 2012.  That means, starting in just over a year, the United States will finally have the same Focus that the Europeans have.  And I won’t hold back here – this car looks absolutely amazing.  As in, I’d seriously consider buying one amazing.  Very modern, stylish exterior ( both hatch and sedan varieties ) coupled with a possibly best-in-class interior makes for a compelling package.

2012 Ford Focus Gallery

2012 Ford Focus Specs

  • 155 HP 2.0 liter 4 cylinder
  • 6 speed automatic transmission (dual-clutch? wow)
  • Electric version coming in 2011

More powerful, fancy-pants transmission, more efficient, better looking, higher quality.  The 2012 Focus will be improved in every way from the current model – and drastically so, it would seem.  Honda and Toyota will need to come up with some very solid updates, or else they’re going to be surprised when Ford sells every Focus in can build.  Count on it.

Published on January 11, 2010 in Ford

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