2012 Ford Focus Electric starts at $39,995

People have been riding the Nissan Leaf ever since it came out for it’s steep price tag. No more. The 2012 Ford Focus Electric makes the Leaf look downright affordable. At a base price of $39,995, you’ll have to spend four thousand dollars more to get the Focus than the Leaf. Ouch.

The price isn’t the whole story of course. Let’s talk about specs. What, exactly, is so great about the Focus Electric?

2012 Ford Focus Electric Quick Specs

  • Estimated 70 mile range
  • 23 kWh Lithium ion battery
  • 123 HP electric motor

The Focus Electric will start rolling out in limited quantities later this year. The real question, though, is will there be any buyers? The traditional Focus is quite efficient, even though it burns dinosaur juice… and it costs $20k less. 1 Double the price of a gas Focus, $4k more than a Leaf… I love to recommend that people Buy American… but it just doesn’t make sense on this one.

  1. That’s not comparing apples to apples from an equipment standpoint, but you can’t get a stripped-down Focus Electric. ↩

Published on November 4, 2011 in Electric Cars,Ford

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