2012 Chevy Sonic Priced from $14,495

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The much-heralded Aveo replacement, the 2012 Sonic, finally has a price. One of these shiny new little gas sippers can be yours for as little as $14,495. If, of course, you’re interested in the regular-ol sedan. A hatchback will set you back an extra $900.

As previously noted, that small price tag will get you a 138 HP naturally aspirated 4 cylinder engine and a handshaker. Considering the fact that one can buy a Nissan Versa for under eleven grand… call me unimpressed. Remember the days when domestic cars sold at a discount compared to imports? Apparently Chevy doesn’t.

(And before I get the hate comments… yes I know the $11k Versa is a stripper. The Sonic has a more powerful engine and has more equipment. It should cost more… I’m just not sure that $3500 more makes much sense.)

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Published on June 22, 2011 in Chevrolet

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