2011 Volkswagen Touareg Spy Shots

2011-volkswagen-touareg As much as I keep hoping that VW will come to its senses and rename the Touareg ( which I cannot spell correctly to save my life, let alone pronounce ), the name will soldier on.  These shots, captured by Car and Driver’s sleuths, capture the Porsche Cayenne’s platform sibling in full camo gear.  It’s hard to garner much information from the shots, since VW did such a great job covering things up. 

2011-volkswagen-touareg-2 Reportedly, VW is expecting to shed 300 lbs from the 2011 Touarag – a very hefty weight improvement.  Probably taking a hit will be the off-road capabilities, which most folks don’t use anyway.  As an additional challenge, though, VW is going to try to squeeze a third row of seating inside.  That’s a tall order while trying to shed weight.  However, with the introduction of the smaller Tiguan, the Tuaraeg needs something to really separate it.


Published on June 5, 2009 in Spy Shots,Volkswagen

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