2011 Nissan Quest Teasers

2011 Nissan Quest

Nissan has posted a new batch of teaser images for the 2011 Quest.  After completely skipping the 2010 model year, Nissan has started from scratch with the Quest.  Not content to let Honda, Toyota, and Chrysler dominate the US minivan market, Nissan is building the “un minivan.”

The 2011 Quest really appears to be what the last generation question tried (and pretty well failed) to be.  From the teaser images, you can see that the styling is much edgier than any current minivan on the market.  The front is dominated by a huge, strongly angled grille.  The rear is very squared-off, apparently taking cues from the Nissan Cube.

The B, C, and D pillars are all black, giving the illusion of a semi-floating roof.  In fact, the design reminds me an awful lot of the Ford Flex.

The Big Three are pretty well in control of the minvan market here in the States.  It’s good to see Nissan giving it another try, and going bold along the way.

2011 Nissan Quest Gallery

Published on July 7, 2010 in Nissan

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