2011 Nissan Juke Review – Autoblog

Autoblog gets their hands on a 2011 Nissan Juke and has this to say about fuel economy:

The EPA says you should be able to net 27 mpg city and 32 mpg highway from a CVT-equipped, front-driver like our tester, though after a full week of darting around the countryside, we saw a measly 22 mpg combined. Just remember, kids: Small turbo engines drink fuel just like their larger, normally aspirated counterparts when you have your foot burried in the carpet. In this case, Nissan’s little alien sucks down premium juice, so it would pay to go a little lighter on the fun pedal should you decide to park a 2011 Juke in your driveway.

This is a bigger deal than most people think. They see the lofty EPA ratings, and assume they can drive the crap out of a car and achieve those numbers. EPA ratings are for babying a car… turbocharged cars don’t lend themselves to being babied. You floor it from every light, you pay the price.

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Published on January 25, 2011 in Car Reviews

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