2011 Mustang vs 2010 Camaro: Showdown

Have you been tearing your hair out, trying to decide whether you want a 2010 Camaro V6 or a 2011 Mustang V6? Does the thought of actually having to pick one or the other keep you up at night?

That’s understandable. Both the Camaro and Mustang are retro-styled pony cars. Both have the best V6 engines their respective companies have ever produced. Both have over 300 horsepower ( Yes, from a V6. ) Both have a six speed gearbox standard.

Tough decision, this one. Or is it?
Though the two cars have much in common at first glance, there is one huge dividing factor. And no, that factor is not price – pricing is nearly identical. The factor is performance.
Traditionally, the Camaro has always held a performance edge over the Mustang. Today, you must forget that notion. It’s in the past, boys and girls.

The 2011 Mustang dusts the 2010 Camaro in every single performance category. Every. Single. One.

Thanks in large part to it’s lighter weight ( 280 lbs lighter ), the Mustang hits 60MPH from a dead stop in just 5.6 seconds, while the Camaro takes 6.1. Sure, you say, 6.1 seconds is pretty darn quick. And it is – but 5.6 is ridiculous.

Quarter mile more your cup of tea? Mustang has that one too. 13.9 seconds vs 14.3 for the Chevy. Did you see that? Thirteen point nine seconds. For the V6.

Ok, Fine, you say. The Mustang is faster. But the Camaro handles better. You sir, would be dead wrong. The Mustang managed better grip on the skidpad (.91 vs .86) AND a slightly faster slalom speed. Even the Ford brakes are better.

So that’s it then. If you care about performance, buy the Ford. And let’s face it – if you’re looking at a 300 HP coupe, you care about performance. Check out the full face-off at Edmunds.

Published on April 7, 2010 in Chevrolet,Ford

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