2011 Infiniti G25

2011 Infiniti G25

If you’ve been dreaming of having an Infiniti G in your driveway, but couldn’t quite stomach the $33,250 starting price for the G37 sedan, good news is coming your way.  Starting in September of this year, you’ll start seeing a new G at Infiniti dealers – the 2011 G25, priced from $30,950.

Just like the name implies, the G25 is a full-fledged G-series car, just with a smaller engine.  In this case, a 218 HP 2.5 liter V6.  This engine has been available in Japan for a few years, but not in the US until this fall.

For the base price, you get the small engine, leather seats, 17″ alloys, automatic climate control, HID’s, and a seven speed automatic transmission.  AWD is available (though I’d stick with the standard RWD), as rearview monitor and heated front seats.

Power isn’t everything

The G series has never been all about power.  Granted, the world’s best V6 sits under the hood of the G37, and that helps.  However, style, refinement, and fantastic handling have been huge parts of the G’s success.  Plenty of folks buy for those reasons, and don’t have a need for 300+ horsepower.  The G25 is perfect for these folks.  Not to mention the people who will now consider the G25 thanks to the lower cost of entry.

Published on August 13, 2010 in Infiniti

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