2011 Honda Fit Hybrid

2009-honda-fit There’s a report from a Japanese business publication that Honda will release a Fit Hybrid in late 2010.  That might sound like strange news when you consider the recent release of the 2010 Honda Insight, which is based on the Fit platform.  And indeed, I would have to agree.  Two hybrid hatchbacks based on the same platform? 

I like the Fit, for what it is.  A reasonably affordable subcompact, reasonably fun to drive, and absolutely cavernous interior space.  Couple that with Honda’s reliability and solid gas mileage – it’s a winner.  Adding a hybrid option could only make things better.  But I simply don’t see what consumer this could serve, that wouldn’t be served just as well with an Insight.  Anyone have any thoughts here?

Published on June 4, 2009 in Honda,Hybrids

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