2011 Honda Fit Hybrid Price Rumor

Honda Fit

If you believe a Reuters‘ source, the 2011 Honda Fit Hybrid will start at an astonishingly low price – $16,750. Considering that the conventional Fit starts at $14,900 , you can call me a skeptic.

Such a low base price would put the Hybrid Fit about $4000 less than Honda’s own Fit-based Insight. Some of the price difference could come simply from less equipment – a base Fit has less standard features than a base Insight.

However, I just don’t see four thousand dollars worth of equipment hereā€¦ I’d like to believe this report. A very affordable Fit Hybrid would be a huge hit for Honda. Reality doesn’t seem to support such a low starting price, unfortunately.

Published on June 28, 2010 in Honda,Hybrids

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