2011 Ford Fiesta

Pricing has been released on the 2011 Fiesta – much to everyone’s surprise. If you want to rock out in Ford’s returning minicar, you’ll need to pony up at least $13,320. Pretty reasonable starting price, though it’s only for the base sedan. If you want the pimped out green Fiesta hatchback that Ford is showing off, you’ll be looking at a healthier $20,540 MSRP.

Of course, there are plenty of choices in between – and it’s nice to see Ford keeping the base price low. There are tons of features available if you’re willing to pony up the cash – stuff like navigation, push-button start technology, and leather. You can even reserve your Fiesta now, if you’re feeling frisky.

2011 Ford Fiesta Gallery

Published on December 7, 2009 in Ford

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