2011 Ford Explorer Spy Shots

2011-Ford-Explorer We’ve known the Ford would build the 2011 Explorer on a unibody car type platform for awhile now – and here are the first spy shots.  First impression?  It looks… awkward… goofy.. and lumpy.  The side / rear view is particularly awkward -the roof jumps up after the rear doors.  Why in the world does it do that?

Really, the 2011 Explorer looks like a Freestyle whoops I mean Taurus X on steroids.  While the Taurus X is a somewhat competent package ( trying to be nice here ), it’s not an attractive vehicle.  I don’t think this is the right direction for the Explorer at all…. and Ford doesn’t exactly need yet another midsize crossover vehicle in their lineup, do they?

2011-Ford-Explorer-2 Source.

Update: The 2011 Ford Explorer has been unveiled!

Published on October 24, 2008 in Ford,Spy Shots

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