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TTAC reviews the 2011 Ford Explorer and comes away with this:

I was especially eager to drive the new 2011 Ford Explorer because I recently bought a 2008 Taurus X. Will I later want to swap to the new vehicle? Now that I’ve been able to compare the two, I’m not feeling the urge. The Explorer’s styling definitely has broader appeal. And the MyFord Touch looks great and is fun to play with even if it’s not always easy to use. But while smooth, quiet, and composed the Explorer drives less like a car. It’s also harder to see out of, has less legroom in the second row, and its front passenger seat doesn’t fold. In other words, functionality didn’t sell, so it wasn’t nearly as high a priority this time around.

That kind of puts things in perspective a bit, doesn’t it? In an attempt to make a more civilized vehicle, Ford took away the capabilities that defined the Explorer.

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Published on February 21, 2011 in Car Reviews

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