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2011 Ford Explorer

Autoblog drives the 2011 Ford Explorer for the first time – pitting it against a Toyota 4Runner off-road, and has this to say:

Throughout the challenge, the Explorer faithfully scrabbled everywhere the 4Runner did, but with notably less head-toss from its four-wheel independent suspension and indeed, fewer creaks from its body structure. There was even less teeth-gnashing during the hill descent, as the Ford’s technology was both easier to summon (the Toyota requires a surprising amount of button and lever pushing to optimize it for downhill performance) and quieter in operation.

And also:

Either way, when it comes time to pack up the weekend cottage and escape from the Dueling Banjos on a snaking dirt road, we’d take the Explorer every time.

Take a minute to let that sink in. Ford switched to a unibody construction for this all-new Explorer. The reasons were many, but mainly to improve fuel economy and on-road mannerisms. The fact that it performs better than the body-on-frame 4Runner *off-road* is nothing short of spectacular.

Granted, if the terrain is really extreme, I’d still take the Toyota over the Ford every time. Still, though… quite an impressive showing from Ford.

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Published on December 13, 2010 in Car Reviews

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