2011 Ford Edge Review

2011 Ford Edge

Ford has updated the Edge for 2011, but is it enough?

When you look at Ford’s lineup, one thing is strikingly clear – there are way too many midsize CUV type vehicles. In this single segment, Ford current has three entries. That’s not even counting Lincoln versions – this is just the Ford brand. Competing against each other in this segment are the 2011 Edge, Flex, and 2011 Explorer. Granted, Ford did give the Edge some TLC, but there’s going to be some cannibalism here.

Under the hood are three engine choices – a turbo 4 EcoBoost (not yet available), 285 HP 3.5 liter V6, and 305 HP 3.7 liter V6. I’m all for choice, but does it make sense to offer two engines so similar in size and power? Sure, I get that Ford wanted to do something special with the Sport model… and offering the same engine as the base Mustang would seem to achieve that… but at the cost of added complexity.

What is everyone saying about the new Edge? Read on after the jump to find out:

2011 Ford Edge Reviews

TTAC reviews the 2011 Ford Edge and writes – ‘If you’re shopping elsewhere, a Chevrolet Traverse also offers more room than the Edge for less money, and the Honda Crosstour is vastly cheaper with a very similar interior-packaging result. Toyota’s Venza also offers a less expensive alternative that’s bigger inside. It would also be remiss of us not to mention the fact that virtually everybody who chooses a vehicle of this type would be better-served by an actual family sedan.’

Autoblog reviews the 2011 Ford Edge and writes – ‘The Flex, Explorer and Edge are all within $2,000 of each other and offer up similar functionality for under $30,000. With the Explorer having kicked its body-on-frame habit, the parallels between it and the Edge are almost too numerous to count. The real question is whether the Edge will continue to rely on its unique styling to differentiate itself from the rest of the family or if Ford will choose to make one of its crossover entries a new value story.’

Ridelust reviews the 2011 Ford Edge and writes – ‘On wet, winding roads, the AWD in the Edge Sport I drove provided excellent traction. Even under heavy acceleration, mid-corner, the Edge did exactly what I expected it to. Steering feel was noticeably heavier than in the Edge Limited, thanks in part to the AWD layout of the Sport I drove and the class exclusive 22” wheels. I’m not complaining about the steering feel; in fact, I give it a thumbs up for being properly weighted and for providing excellent feedback.’

LLN reviews the 2011 Ford Edge and writes – ‘The 2011 Ford Edge is a tough one for us. We really like its new looks, class-leading technology and improved driving dynamics, but it’s also hard to overlook the cheap-feeling bits. However, on a day-to-day basis, the good will probably far outweigh the bad, and we really like the Edge’s electronic goodies, which can’t be found anywhere else.’

Published on August 25, 2010 in Ford

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